Tube frames are standard. Tubing offers more strength with less weight.

Even our bunk supports are made of tube steel. This is stronger and has a better appearance than flat bar which is used by most trailer manufacturers.

Bunks are through bolted (not just screwed).

In addition to fender guards we also install protective plating between the fenders and frame to prevent rocks and road debris from damaging your boat.

Rear step plates extend all the way to the rear of our trailers to protect your boat and to make entry into your boat easier.

All wiring and brake lines are run through the frame to prevent damage. This also gives a much cleaner appearance and makes cleaning much easier. Most other trailer manufacturers just strap the brake line to the axle.

Guide posts rotate to minimize impact when loading your boat. They are also removable.

We use spring suspension which allows more travel while keeping the weight distributed evenly between the axles, resulting in a softer ride for you and your boat. Many trailer manufacturers have gone to torsion type suspensions, claiming they are better, but in reality they are just less labor intensive for the manufacturer and offer a lower quality ride for you and your boat.

We use Dexter EZ lube axles. We feel they are the superior axle on the market.

Trailer radials are standard on all of our trailers.

Cross members are made by cutting and welding to form an accurate strong unit. Most trailer manufacturers have gone to bent cross members because it is cheaper; this creates a cross member that is less accurate and puddles water, resulting in corroded cross members.

The size of steel is determined separately for each trailer. Your Ryan trailer is engineered for strength without the need for unnecessary weight. Many companies use the one size fits all method.

Frames are sanded before being primed with a metal etching primer to assure a durable beautiful finish.

Many of our procedures and components are more labor intensive but our goal is to provide you with the best trailer for your boat.


Full Tube Construction X X
Tube Riser X X
Protection Plating Between Fender and Frame X X
Concealed Wiring X X
Concealed Brake Lines X X
EZ Lube Axles X X
Spring Suspension (offers more travel, better ride & towing ­ not torsion which is faster to install) X X
Radial Tires X X
Frame Sanded Before Paint X X
Metal Etch Primer X X
4" Cross Members X X
Cut and Welded Cross Members (more accurate and no pooling or water) X X
Steel Size According To Need (not all the same for bulk purchase savings to us) X X
Local Service X X
Made In The Northwest X X